ultimate greek island escape


The Ultimate Greek Island Escape

It begins the minute you arrive and is part of every aspect of your stay, from the warm welcome from our team members to the discreet and thoughtful way that every wish you have becomes our reality.


Welcome to Sophia Oia Villa.

Welcome to an unforgettable Santorini experience. Feel it in every part of your day, as you walk the island grounds, as you take in the views, as you swim in the Aegean Sea and while you are enjoying a sunset dinner on your balcony.

Serenity, deep blue’s till the world’s edge and eternal Greek light.

Look around you, breathe in the fresh air and fill your heart with the volcanic energy. Sit back, chilled glass of wine in hand. A stunning location above the sea. Panoramic views of Santorini’s iconic villages, its dazzling colors and its legendary Caldera, all at the tip of your hands, from your private villa terrace.

Sophia Oia Villa overview

This is your home away from home. Just you. Tucked away in your personal paradise. Sense your connection, with this island, with this world, with yourselves.

Our philosophy is one, to make your stay with us blissfully complete.

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